Revealing Imbalances

Our modern lifestyle and nutritional habits as well as the environment in which we live present a big challenge to our bodies on a daily basis. Blockages, electrical interference zones, environmental impacts, chronic subjection to toxins, acidification as well as psychosomatic influences have a negative effect on our bodies. Through modern and innovative technologies, deficiencies and overloads can be revealed without taking blood samples and/or can be counteracted. These technologies greatly support our daily work. We do not replace physicians, naturopaths or other health-care professionals as we do not make diagnoses or present medical findings. For this reason, we are an official partner of the Dr. Rilling GmbH Institute
Body diagnostics


Bioscan-SWA offers innovative advantages for holistic analysis and prevention in practice. The analysis provides results for over 250 parameters with a measurement time of 90 seconds.

Nervous system


A measuring device for the determination of the ohmic and capacitive AC resistance, or the values of the replacement components of humans, medicines, homeopathic remedies and much more.



Pure Wellness for every single cell! With the new galvanic fine current device VEGETBALANCE you experience pure wellness pleasure. At home and on the way, VEGETBALANCE should be your daily companion.